Ten ways the IT department enables cybercrime

This is the provocative title of latest Kapersky lab’s white paper. This document lists some of the usual mistakes that are encountered in the today protection. It is mainly focused on the mandatory adaptation due to mobile devices. The paper is not mind-breaking. Nevertheless, it gives some true statements, such as

  • Enabler #1: assuming the data is in the data center.
    Of course today, data is redundantly stored in the laptops and even smart phones. They need protection
  • Enabler #3: Treating laptops and mobile devices as company assets that are never used for personal use…
    Awfully true.
  • Enabler #5: Adoption of Social Media without protection
    Social media and Web 2.0 are here to stay. furthermore, they are becoming part of the business tools. They create a new kind of risks.
  • Enabler #10: Assuming everything is OK.
    Remember our law 1: Attackers will always find their way.

As usual in this type of document, the first items are extremely relevant, whereas the last ones are less. it is always difficult to end up with 10 valid items. Nevertheless, 10 is the golden number in communication.

As a good citizen, I put the link to Kapersky lab. You’ll need to register to download the white paper. Nevertheless, you may easily find pdf versions on the Net without having to register :)

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