The crusade: DRM sucks

There is a terrible crusade against DRM. Many bloggers try to illustrate that “DRM sucks”. As for all crusades, arguments are sometimes true, and sometimes wrong.

A famous blogger claimed that he had a perfect example of why DRM sucks. Following the death of HD DVD, it seems that the newest version of Cyberlink’s PowerDVD, one of the most used DVD software player, does not anymore support HD DVD. That was fast. According to the blogger that was the fault of DRM.

Unfortunately, this is the worst example. HD DVD and BluRay share the same basic DRM: AACS. Of course BluRay has in addition BD+. Nevertheless, the basic DRM is identical. The lack of interoperability is due to intrinsically different formats at every level (physical, organization, coding) except for DRM.

I suggest a better historical example of sucking DRM: VHS and Betamax  :Wink:

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