The older, the more security concerned

This is the conclusion of a study performed by Dimensional Research for ZoneAlarm (a division of Check Point).   For memory, ZoneAlarm offers a free Antivirus and Firewall, as well as two paid security suites.

The result is not surprising.  One of the questions requested to rate relative importance of computer related activities between Community, Entertainment, Information, Productivity, and Security.  Following picture summarizes the rating.

Without surprise, for younger generations, the computer is mainly used for entertainment and community (40% compared to the 8% of the baby boomers).    Security and privacy will be sacrificed if they interfere with the access to community.   This is normal in view of the addictive behavior related to social networking.   I would guess that this trend will grow the pyramid of ages as more and more people will be enrolled in social networking (Facebook has more than 1 billion accounts, whereas Twitter has more than 500 millions).

Interestingly, Gen Y (18-25 years) believes to be more knowledgeable about security than baby boomers (63% versus 59%) but suffered of more security incidents in the last two years.   This most probably comes from different activities and larger exposition to risk by  more risky sites.

And without a surprise, the cost of security is one excuse for not implementing security solutions.   Which highlights that some vendors such as ZoneAlarm, or Avast do not a good work on communication as they all offer free versions of their tools.  Trans generational, half of the respondent estimated that security should be free.


  • Ideal security should be transparent for users (price, and ease of use).  It must not impair the user experience.
  • Expect many more attacks on social networks in the future.  Many people will not sacrifice their community for a more secure environment.   This is usual for addiction.


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