The Way of Shadows

way-of-shadowsI just finished the first volume of Brent Weeks’ s trilogy “The Night Angel”.   Its title is “The Way of Shadows”.  Azoth becomes the apprentice of Durzo Blint, the best wetboy of Cenaria.  Wetboys are assassins with magical Talents.   He will be deeply implied in the future of this small nation…


The ecosystem is interesting with many fighting countries, political plots, different types of wizardry, and several interesting magical artifacts.  The characters are complex and far from being Manichean (I like characters that are both evil and good, such as Moorcock’s Elric of Menilbone).  The plot is rich with many surprises, and extremely dark.  If you are expecting bright happy ending, do not start this book.


The book starts slowly, but soon becomes breathtaking.  An excellent book.  I will immediately start the second volume ‘Shadow’s edge”.  I hope that the other books of the trilogy are also breathtaking.

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