Torrent Tweet

BitTorrent has just launched a new add-on to the P2P client µTorrent (or utorrent): Torrent tweet . The name of the apps is self explanatory. It is a new way to share or chat about a given torrent. The central server, using the hash tage of the torrent, adds a unique tinyurl in the tweet. Thus, it is extremely easy to point to a torrent.

We may be skeptical about its wide usage. File sharing is often done under cover. And anonymity is probably not the salient characteristic about Twitter. Nevertheless, the use is starting and spreading. Some doubts? Choose the last movie you’ve seen at theater. Search for its torrent on Twitter, for instance “Salt + Torrent”. You’ll be surprised by the result.

BitTorrent has created a new convenient way to share torrents  :Happy:  When will we see cease and desist notice through twitter?

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