Twitter and DMCA

As Google with its transparency program, Twitter is also offering a better transparency when removing twitters following a DMCA notification.  Previously, the infringing tweet was removed without any explanation.  For a month, Twitter has changed its policy.   In case that Twitter decides it is legitimate to takedown a tweet, the following process is applied:

  1. The affected user is notified once the tweet is removed
  2. The affected user received the complaint as well as the procedure to file a counter-notice
  3. A copy is sent to Chilling Effects;  Chilling effects is a project from EFF and many US universities (Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley…) that collects all the Cease & Desist (C&D) in the World
  4. The with held tweet is clearly marked


Since 2010, Twitter became a convenient vector for distributing pointers to shared infringing content.  Soon, content owners emitted C&D.  

Like Google, Twitter tries to find a tradeoff between the content owners and their users.  Transparency is probably a good solution. 

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