Twitter’s selection of bad password

When signing up to Twitter and selecting your password, Twitter bans some passwords although they have the minimal size. These passwords are hard coded in the code, and thus can be consulted (which is not an issue at all).

If you don’t want to reverse engineer code, the full list of 370 bad passwords is published by the Wundercounter.

It is interesting to see them. They are totally logic. Interestingly, this password ban is only for English native speakers. Foreigners can still use stupid passwords. For instance, as expected QWERTY, but also ASDFGH are banned. In france, among the worst passwords, we have AZERTY and QSDFGH due to our specific keyboards.

It is really fun to see the selection. My preferred one is THX1178. How many geeks would use this one? It is an ultimate recognition to be listed with STARWARS and STARTREK.

In any case, it is a good initiative. But internationalisation would be better. Do you know any repository of bad passwords for many languages?

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