UBISOFT re-torpedoed

The use of a new type of DRM for its new games “Silent Hunter 5” and “Assassin Creed II” raised a violent reaction against Ubisoft. The software was cracked in less than 24 hours.

But this time, the story did not stop there. Last week, Ubisoft was under a serious Denial Of Service (DOS) attack. Thus, the legitimate gamers were not able to play! These games require online connection for initial authentication but also to save the game! It seems that this weekend a new salvo of DOS was launched from Russia against Ubisoft’s servers. These DOS attacks make the hacked version more attractive (that’s the limit!  :Sad: )

Furthermore, some players confirmed on forums that the hacked game was complete (which initially Ubisoft denied).

Lesson: When designing a DRM, we should check what occurs if some context environments fail (such as network connection. The impact should be minimal for the legit customer.

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