UV has reached 800,000 accounts

The industry analyst company IHS has claimed that UltraViolet (UV) has reached 800,000 user accounts in the US.   At CES 2012, UV announced to already have 750,000 user accounts.   Each account has in average 1.25 titles.   This low value can have several explanations:

  • The catalog of available title is currently small (I found last week about 30 BD titles on Amazon which could be redeemed).  Most probably, the majority of new released BD titles will be UV ready
  • The first UV title appeared only end of 2011 (Warner’s Horrible Bosses).  In view of this short period, 800,000 seems impressive to me.
  • Many people experiment.  If ever you purchased a BD/DVD that is UV ready, why would you not try it.  Its for free.


The interesting trend to monitor is the number of average titles per account.  As more new titles will be available, this will show the people buy-in to the concept.  If the depth increases, then UV may become successful.

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