VC2 and AMEX

The Visual Cryptogram 2 (VC2) was created by VISA in 2005 to protect against online fraud. The VC2 code is the three-digit number printed at the back of your credit card. The rationale of VC2 is that to access this code, you need to have the card insight. I always thought that the rationales to print it at the back was to avoid camera capture used with card skimmers (see for instance http://www.darknet.o … ut-atm-hacking-tips/).

It seems I was wrong, or at least that AMEX does not fear this type of skimmers. AMEX uses also a visual cryptogram. But AMEX’s VC is four-digit long and printed on the front side of credit card. I do not understand the rationale for using a different scheme (Different size, different location). In fact, I learned it the hard way. When using the first time my AMEX online, I used the three digit at the back of the card. There was one! And of course, it did not work. :Sad:

Has somebody a clue?

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