We know where you went

Google released a new enhancement to Google Maps.  The timeline provides you the complete history of locations of your Android  mobile device, i.e., likely you.  The history is going deep in the past (2009 if you had an Android phone).   The analysis is detailled with even the shops or places you may have visited.   It is extremely accurate.  It is also linked to Google Photo to display the corresponding pictures you may have shot ta that time.

The timeline is only available to you, or more precisely to the entity that logs into your account.

It is scary.  The positive side is that Google does not hide that it tracks all our movements.


The feature is available at https://www.google.com/maps/timeline


Update:  The feature can be deactivated under yourf Google account history parameters,  It is not clear ifr you simply deactivate the time line feature or Google erases the history.

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