Wii Homebrew channel (2)

The things are going too fast. I reported the launch of the Homebrew Channel. Meanwhile Nintendo issued a firmware update 3.3 for the Wii. It is possible for Nintendo to patch its installed consoles through firmware update. This allows to add new features, repair some bugs, and answer some attacks. The upgrade checking occurs when the Wii is connected to the Internet. This is a main difference with Nintendo DS that does not have such firmware update.

The new upgrade closes the loop hole of Zelda. This hole allow to create the Twilight Hack supporting homebrew programs. Thus, this firmware should stop the homebrew channel. Nevertheless, it seems that the upgrade does not affect the homebrew channel if it was installed before the upgrade.

According to you, who will make next move:

  1. The hackers to circumvent the new firmware?
  2.   Nintendo to fully close the hole?


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