Windows Phone 7 jailbreaked

On November 25, Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh, Long Zheng published an application, ChevronWP7, that unlocked Windows Phone 7. The objective was to be able to install homebrew applications on this platform. The news very quickly was all over the world.

Today, they have removed ChevronWP7 from the distribution. According to their blog,

Earlier today, we were contacted by Brandon Watson, Director of Developer Experience for Windows Phone 7, to discuss the ChevronWP7 unlocking tool.

Through this discussion, we established a mutual understanding of our intent to enable homebrew opportunities and to open the Windows Phone 7 platform for broader access to developers and users.

To pursue these goals with Microsoft’s support, Brandon Watson has agreed to engage in futher discussions with us about officially facilitating homebrew development on WP7. To fast-track discussions, we are discontinuing the unlocking tool effective immediately.

It is the second time that Microsoft is hit quickly after the launching of their products. Beginning of the month, it was for the Kinect, now for WP7. The reaction of Microsoft is interesting. They started discussion before threatening with DMCA (I am not sure that this type of unlocking would be a safe harbor for the recently granted jailbreaking exception. Any lawyer to give an opinion)

One more exploit on the already long list of unlocked devices! We have a tough job!

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