Wizzgo: Last round?

Last week, I reported the latest court decision that banned Wizzgo to offer its service for TF1, France Television and NT1 channels.

Latest episode occurred yesterday. Wizzgo has been sentenced to pay 480,000€ (about $600,000) in damages to M6 for infringement. They will soon have a similar sentence for TF1, France Television and NT1. The judge did not consider that Wizzgo was doing private copy. A private copy has to be done by the user of the private owner, and not by a third party.

The sentence is heavy and will probably sign the death of Wizzgo. Wizzgo stopped its service. They will have to provide to broadcasters the description of their advertisement revenues to estimate the losses they may have generated for broadcasters.

The message in favor of respect of copyright laws is also extremely strong.

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