Wolverine is a success…

at least on P2P sites. It is now about one week that a leaked version appeared on the net. The version is an unfinished one; Not the final release. It has leaked out either from within Fox or from some sub contractors.

Of course, this version is already the top downloaded movie at tracker sites. According to TorrentFreak, more than 1 million downloads already. And the first DVDs appear on the street. This is three weeks before the official theatrical release.

This reminds the leakage of Hulk without right colorimetry. The movie was a disaster.

Interestingly, TorrentFreak made a poll: 40% of the downloaders expect to view the FINAL cut in theater or in DVD. The release was pre-effects and several months old. This means that it may be a good teaser. People know that the final one will be better.

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