Wolverine, the final episode of the leakage?

In April 2009, a work in progress version of movie “Wolverine” appeared on P2P sites.  This leakage did not prevent Wolverine to become a commercial success.  Nevertheless, Fox was really unhappy.

On December16,  2009, Gilberto Sanchez was arrested by FBI for having posted a copy of the movie on Megaupload.  According to him, he purchased the movie on a counterfeit DVD for $5.  Then, he uploaded it on Megaupload on sent the links to friends.  Soon, it became a blockbuster on the Darknet. 

In December 2011, he has been sentenced to one year in a federal prison and one year of supervised release.  For memory, Kerry Gonzalez who leaked out Hulk in 2003 was sentenced 6 months of jail, a $2,000 fine and $5,000 of restitution to Videndi. 

Gilberto Sanchez is a glass installer.  Thus, he is not in the media industry and cannot be the initial point of leakage of the movie. Thus, the actual infringer is still free.

The objective of this escalation in punishing clearly to deter uploading and illegally sharing copyrighted content. One year of jail is a serious sentence.

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