World of Warcraft: a virtual genocide

On 7 October 2012, the population of the towns of Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Tarren Mill, Ragnaros, Draenor and Twisting Nether were wiped out in a few seconds.   This made tens of thousands of dead people.  Did you here about this carnage?  If not, then you’re probably not a hard gamer.


These towns are in the virtual realms of World of Warcraft (WoW).   This is the most deployed MMORPG with millions of players.   Thus, those are virtual deaths.   And the cause was a hack.  It seems that a script allowed to launch an extremely powerful spell (Aura of God) that kills everybody around.  The attack was claimed by Jadd.


Blizzard, the developer of WoW, quickly reacted, and hot-fixed the exploit within four hours.   In an official statement, Blizzard announced that

It’s safe to continue playing and adventuring in major cities and elsewhere in Azeroth.

Usually attacks on games are more oriented towards either cheating and gaining more money.  Jadd claims the exploit just for fun.


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